“Storm Clouds Gathering”

by Hannah

This is the discovery of the day. I’ve been following his videos for a while, but this one is very summing. Terrifying. Keeping me up at night and haunting my dreams. Yet a call to action.

I know many will watch this and wonder if I’m a little loony. At the very least, extreme. An anarchist. Someone who latches onto ideas that crazy people create to be sensational.

I really do believe this, though, and I’m choosy about what I delve into with a whole heart. I play devil’s advocate as much as possible, and tend to doubt stories of impending doom. And I’m kind of a normal person. I have a college education. I work a day job, spend too much money on cosmetics and too much time on facebook, and love sunflowers blooming in the garden. I’m really into family. I hope to get a tattoo someday.

But this is with a whole heart.

And I’d love to hear your feedback, whatever it is.