Slowing Down with the Snow

by Hannah

I don’t take much time to slow down these days. Actually, I haven’t ever in my whole life; this is the first time in my life that I’m considering the lengthening of time by sitting still a priority. I’m still too scattered for meditation, and I’m just not yet on to yoga either.

Yet: took time up my drive; sought footprints from hours back; car nestled between snowbanks at the road’s edge; the soft light from my homestead; the stillness and the clear, clear air.

Paths from cabin to chicken house to goat shed greeted me home from work, and the wood stove feels useful again. Kindling in a basket. She has made this place wintercozy, and I brought home the bacon and made the short stroll from car to house count.

Y’all got snow? Bets on how long it’ll last?