-4 Before Windchill

by Hannah

It is damn cold out. On Friday, the cold motivated me. Today, I’m dragging, dragging, dragging. We put some more work into the goat house – patched holes where the wind snuck through the slats, made room for the flock of birds, and installed nest boxes. I did some trim work between the panes of plexiglass to keep some of the cold out and the warmth in. She raised the goats’ sleeping platform so the chickens could shelter underneath, and their feed could be tucked out of the goats’ reach.

And I shredded my knuckle with the bow saw.

The most satisfying thing is that this whole set-up cost us nothing, except for some screws and a lot of frustration and successes. The basic shed was thrown in with the goats at purchase time, the lumber for renovation came from freecycle, the plexiglass and scraps of plywood salvaged from my dad, and several dozen pallets from the local bread company warehouse. And it’s turning into quite the palace for the little ones; five New Hampshire Reds, three Buff Orpingtons, and two beautiful French Alpine goats.

I fell dead asleep when we came in from outside, so much energy the cold pulled out of me. I still haven’t completely woken up. I’m not sure I ever really woke up today, actually. I just pray the animals are warm enough tonight, as well as my friend without oil and those seeking shelter in a place they cannot call home. And I am heartbroken for those who knew the teen who was struck by a train this evening. And I’m really praying for the bees.