‘Criyas’ is a word I built from the Sioux ‘krias’ (gentle teacher), the sanskrit ‘kriyas’ (“the cries of the soul as it is wrung through changes*”) and the Spanish ‘criarse’ (to create oneself). I’m still working on the definition. In time.


I believe, for many reasons, that the world as we know it will shift so quickly in 2012, that we will have trouble keeping the bare soles of our feet rocking in unison with the ground. This blog is to document the dirty laundry, and the slaughtering of chickens, and the building of a house and the planning of a wedding, and the preparation for motherhood, and the storm of thoughts floating inside this small skull as the year floats by. It is to document the way the sand feels as it slithers under my callouses, as it makes it’s way downstream, seeking infinite solution in the sea.